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2014 - 2015 Family Christmas Letter


Information for Organic Consultants & Leaders.  Organic

Ukrainian Wedding Bread - Korovai

Korovai is a traditional Ukrainian wedding bread - Order a Korovai for your wedding, anniversary, or other special event.  Shipping is available across the United States and Canada.

Pysanky - Ukrainian Easter Egg Design

Writing Pysanky is the art of Ukrainian Easter Egg design.  Here find instructions on creating a pysanka and registrations for classes being offered.

Big Horn BellyDance

Instructor Lisa McDonald brings the fun and fitness of this ancient dance art form to the Big Horn Basin.  Find out about classes, Wine and Wiggle Parties, Juice and Jiggle Parties, and Bellygrams. 

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattooing, recently made popular by Madonna, Demi Moore and other performers, has become all the rage in America and Great Britain. With a mixture of simple paste and a little creativity, it is possible to imprint the surface of your skin with a masterpiece that fades away gradually in up to six weeks. Henna tattoos look nice and you don't have to be stuck with it the rest of your life.

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