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Korovai Sizes, Costs and Other Information

Special Occasion Korovaichyk - $25, Include a Korovaichyk, Ukrainian card with your sentiment on it and shipping. A fabulous surprise for someone's special day.

Lightly Decorated Small – $85, 8”, The lightly decorated small can be used as the greeting bread, when the parents and starosty greet the bride and groom with salt, vodka shots and bread on a tray or as a display at the guest book. 

Small – $140, 8”, if cut up will serve approximately 50-75 guests in 1” cubes

Medium - $200, 11”, if cut up will serve approximately 100- 200 guests in 1” cubes

Large - $240, 14”, if cut up will serve approximately 200-300 guests in 1” cubes

All korovai come decorated with traditional dough decorations. The Small, Medium and Large are fully decorated to include: barvinok/myrtle leaves, dough birds (doves), colored ribbon strips matching the wedding colors, arch with decorated cloth/rushnyk hand embroidered to match the wedding colors, and korovai history display card.  Wedding Korovai have two dough doves with gold and/or silver rings as the center and an Anniversary Korovai has a decorative pick with the anniversary year in the center.

Special Order Korovai - If you have a special request please let me know. I have done various other styles of korovai. Price varies.

Additional doves can be ordered to decorate the tables or to give as favors. Small doves are 75˘ each and are made with non-rising dough.  Small doves can be used to decorate napkin rings, favor/gift boxes, or dinner plates or two doves with gold or silver rings could be displayed as well.  They can be shipped earlier as they are not made with bread dough and will last.  Large doves are $1.50 each and are made with Korovai dough, and can be served to eat.  These ship with the Korovai.

Korovaichyky are mini Korovaiyi which are great for favors/bonbonnieres, to decorate your tables or to give as gifts to your family and  wedding party.  The Korovaichyky come with 2 doves connected with matching rings, greenery leaves, and colored ribbons.  They are about the size of a cupcake/muffin and cost $6 each.

Shipping costs through UPS are based on next day or second day delivery. Second Day is the lowest level I ship – for freshness sake. You can estimate the cost to you by going to the UPS website.  The package weight averages 8 lbs and I ship it in a 15 x 15 x 15 box. My zip code is 82414. If you order additional birds for decorating or gifts they can ship earlier at a slower pace as they do not require refrigeration.

Full payment is due one week before the shipping date. 

Orders made within 2 weeks of shipping date are rush orders and a $50 rush fee will apply.

Care and Display Suggestions

The korovai should be kept in a cool location until needed; a fridge is fine.

The arch will come unassembled, wedge the arch into the bread with the doves with the rings (in the center of the korovai) underneath it.

Display the korovai on a plate or tray as it may discolor fabric.  It is also traditionally displayed on an embroidered cloth.


To place your order please complete and submit this form.  Korovai Order

If you have any questions or concerns please call (307)250-4633 or email me at korovai@nazdorovya.com.

Thank You                     


Lisa McDonald - if you click my name it goes to my Ukrainian Bio!

This is the information I require when booking before I can send you a purchase order:

  1. Size
  2. Color of embroidery cloth - white or ivory.
  3. 2 Colors of embroidery on the mini-rushnyk(cloth)
  4. 2 Colors of ribbons on the korovai
  5. Ring colors - gold and/or silver.
  6. Shipping address
  7. Date required (best if korovai arrives 1-2 days before it is needed)
  8. Any special requests or additional doves.


For those guests that may not know what a Korovai is, you can display this note nearby.


he Korovai is a traditional Ukrainian wedding bread that symbolizes community.  The korovai is adorned with ornaments of baked dough: two birds represent the couple, and other ornaments represent family and friends. The entire arrangement is surrounded by a wreath of periwinkle, a symbol of love and purity. It can be shared with the guests as a token of good luck and future prosperity.

Mnohaya Lita!  Many Happy Years!

Lisa McDonald, Korovai’nytsia, Cody, Wyoming.



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